Ballet School

116 North Foord Street, Stellarton,  NS B2H5G8  902-396-6066  




A fun filled class that combines dance with acrobatic tricks.

Ballet develops strength, discipline, posture, flexibility, coordination and musicality, and is the core of many dance forms. Some classes have live piano accompaniment. Ballet grades 1 and higher include National / Character dance. Character skirts are provided.

This innovative dance language draws from many other dance forms and explores the full range of body movement to create a highly expressive and boldly physical style.

Creative Movement
Children’s creativity and imagination will flourish in this class. It enhances social interaction and individual development skills. The class uses singing, games, floor patterns and basic dance steps to develop motor skills and special awareness. Parents are welcome to participate.

Jazz dance is influenced by the traditions of African dance and music, contemporary and the fusion of today’s music, resulting in many styles. It stresses rhythm and coordination with the technique of performance dance. It is an excellent full body conditioner.